Travelling, travelling, travelling…

Let me introduce my hobby today. I am obsessed with traveling! To my mind, this obsession starts from somewhere in my head, my mind and my heart because I am seeking for new discoveries, emotions and adventures constantly and irrevocably as everyday routine. Not kidding, really! I have been in lots of countries with unbelievably different cultures and traditions. For instance, when I was skiing in Austria, in Rohrmoos resort, I felt myself comfortable with kind and benevolent people who surrounded me.

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Rohrmoos resort

Furthermore, I would like to point out that skiing was of a great fun too! In one word, I had lots of unforgettable emotions! Turning to the USA, I was pleased with thrilling skyscrapers. By the way, how could people build such high and spectacular buildings?


Unbelievable! Going through these masterpieces, I realized that I am just a small part of our immense and wonderful world. If you ask me about how can we recharge our batteries and keep calm after living in hustle and bustle, I will definitely advice you to go to the sea. Sound of the water and fresh salty air usually take everything to its places.


A lot of people think that money is the most crucial thing if you want to travel. Their position is described as following: no money-no travelling. I strongly disagree. There are many ways how to go somewhere with low budget. For example, you can rent a cheap accommodation as an alternative to hotels or stay with locals for free, hitchhike (carpool), work or volunteer in a foreign country. Moreover, you may organize a group trip because in that ground special offers will definitely be offered by a travel agency or by an airline company. Lastly, sometimes people take part in some competitions where a reward is a free trip or even get a travel scholarship.  To sum up, you must be willing to see the world, search for different opportunities and your dream will come true. I swear!

If you are not brave enough to hitchhike or you can not imagine to go abroad with an empty wallet, I recommend you to explore the place where you live. I am sure that every city has it’s own beauties, small lovely streets, nooks, parks which are still unknown for you or some new cafes, bars or shopping centers. There is my favourite undercover place next to my house, but I would never say your any word now, it’s just mine…


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