My ways to relax

1Nowadays, the life of a modern person can not be imagined without stress. However, I would like to point out that it is not a new phenomenon for humankind, this response developed many years ago, namely, from the beginning of the human race. Sweaty hands, increasing in blood pressure, irritation or even fear- these are the most common signals to understand that you are under the stress now. Scientists say that stress affects a person greatly, to be peculiar, people lose the ability to live normally, mind and body are negatively influenced, chronic headaches and pessimistic thoughts are considered as an unavoidable part of a person’s life. Do you find all mentioned things scary? I do.

Today I am going to share with you my personal tips, which help me to live peacefully and to reduce the level of stress to nothing. Starting from primitive things, I am sure that taking a quick shower instead of a bath really pampers our generation. We are usually exhausted after work or university and our must have should be a bath. Taking a bath is indispensable because it helps our pores to open and makes our body relaxed. By the way, you can make a real spa at home by adding aromatherapy bath salts or oils. As for me, I feel a burst of energy and positive thoughts after taking a bath with salt that have orange or rose scent. This kind of aromatherapy will definitely set me relaxed and ready for bed.

My second tip, which really works when it comes to stress, is workouts. It is proved that physical activities are vital for maintaining “mental” fitness because they produce endorphin (natural painkillers). Exercising kills two birds with one stone: it helps you to be in shape and reduces the stress level. You are able to choose what kind of an activity you want to do. There is a wide range of them! If you ask me, I like yoga classes and jogging.

Moreover, when I have a bad mood, I try to spend more time with my friends and relatives. Surrounding myself with people who love me and care usually helps to recharge the batteries after a tough day.

Lastly, never forget to consume enough vitamins and minerals and drink enough water. Trust me, our diet has a great influence on our mental and physical health. Drugstores offer numerous amount of vitamins so everyone will definitely find something even if “wishing has no effect”.


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