My first love

8This post will be on the theme of love. “A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love.”- Max Muller. Love makes us happier and motivated to new achievements, teaches how to trust and support, helps to go through difficult moments of our lives and it shows us how to forgive and be reconciled with the imperfect traits of our second half.

I was in love two times but now I would like to tell you about my first emotional burst. When I was a senior student in a high school, I met him. A curly-haired, green-eyed and tall man with sensual lips – he attracted girls’ attention without a doubt. In addition, he was two years older than me that was another reason why I liked him. It still seems strange why from a huge number of girls he chose me. Let him be Mr. X…

Now I can not convey my emotions when Mr. X. invited me on our first date. A local park, flowers and the first kiss (before that I just played sometimes “spin the bottle” game with my classmates) – all these put me into the atmosphere of romance and happiness. Unforgettable year with him passed quickly, and suddenly out of the blue, my parents said that we should move to another city because of my father’s promotion at work. Even though, we ended our relationships with Mr. X, those feelings left enough. Love taught me to feel and understand people in a greater way than I did before my relationships, showed that I was quite a sentimental person who could be fully given to emotions. Thanks God that I had this love in my life and thanks for my moving to another city because later I met no less handsome man in comparison with Mr. X… However, it is a different story.

Talking about love, I like three films on that topic: P.S. I Love You, The Lake House and One day. I would like to say a few words about One day, which is an awesome and sad film without a happy end. Dexter Mayhew and Emma Morley met each other at their graduation party in 1988. They have been good friend for more than 16 years (if I am not mistaken). Later, Emma and Dexter realized that they in love with each other and then married in 2004. On 15 July 2006 Emma died. How? Watch this, you will not regret.


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