How to be successful and how to reach desired goals

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How to increase chances of being successful? What should be done in order to achieve desired goals? Which traits of character will help you to accomplish important things for you and your career?

Success means the achievement of what one intends. It could be a good education or travelling around the world, a high position at work or a faithful second half and many kids, it could be a new spacious flat or Mercedes car, or it could be just love and happiness. Therefore, if you achieved your desired goals, it would definitely be named as success.

As Nelson Mandela says: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. To be a well- educated person is of a great importance because without any knowledge about work you do, you will never be completely aware about your work process.

Moreover, a person who wants to achieve life goals and to be successful should have strong motivation and self- confidence. Burning desire is the key factor to do your work way up the scale. As for self- confidence, you would never reach long- term success without being sure of strong traits of your character. Maybe, you are good at teamwork or you prefer to work individually. As for me, I am an individual worker, if you are the same as me, maybe, it is better to ask your boss for individual tasks. Alternatively, for instance, if you hate jogging, it is better to turn to another cardio activity.

Then, I am sure that creativity is another wonderful tool to start moving forward in life and to increase the speed at which you achieve your goals. Creative people invent, imagine, problem- solve and communicate in fresh and new ways, which are definitely important to think outside the box. That is why there are many creative people who are successful in their lives. For example, take the Cirque du Soleil, I think that they achieved the reinvention of the whole meaning of a circus itself: colorful performances and shows, spectacular costumes, and thrilling music and there are no animals in a Cirque du Soleil. Nowadays, this circus has an audience of over 18 million people worldwide!

To sum up, how to define success in life? In general, being successful means the achievement of desired and planned goals. So, let us think of our lives and consider what might be changed for the better.



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