“The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable”

As I have already mentioned, I love to take photos. Usually, there are breathtaking historical or exotic places I visit while traveling, sometimes I deal with some great annual events or small family parties, but more often I take pictures of my friends. Proudly saying, they like the way I do it. I always try to experiment with different angles and try to change the background.

Once, my best friend Andrew asked me to be a photographer at his graduation from university party. That was the day I was motivated and passion to do my best for my dear friend because people usually remember their graduation parties wholeheartedly in details. However, unexpected contingencies spoiled my mood greatly.

To start with, I have Canon EOS 550D. I have chosen this camera because of three things, which play a role for me. Firstly, there are a wide selection of lenses for Canon EOS 550D, secondly, the camera is ready to shoot at any time and, lastly, that is a good budget option for the amateur as me.


Going back to the undesirable incident, after a small photo session I ran with all speed home to start editing images and to send them to my happy graduate Andrew. I did the usual procedure- put my CF card (SDHC 32 Gb Class 10 Transcend) to upload images to my computer, but the card was not recognized by my PC. Awful! Now I can not describe those feelings which were in my heart that day. “The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable” –that was written on the screen.


After two hours crying, I started searching the Net in order to find a solution to my problem. To be honest, it was difficult to find the right answer clicking on numerous sites and forums and reading a lot of useless information. Thanks for God, I stopped at ReclaiMe File Recovery (www.ReclaiMe.com) and found there “Photo recovery for memory cards used by digital cameras” section. I downloaded and installed ReclaiMe File Recovery software. Then I followed clear detailed instructions and… after I clicked on the save button on the toolbar, all my photos were recovered successfully! I have never purchased any programs online before, but that was the case, which was worth it. I think that I am not good at online technology but informative content of ReclaiMe.com site helped me not to feel myself silly.

Two days later, Andrew won the first price for the best photo among other graduates.


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