Cancer or Everything is in our hands

Today, I would like to concentrate your attention on a topic, which, unfortunately, disturbs me greatly…

About ten million people are diagnosed with cancer every year. Cancer stands on the second place among diseases, which cause death after cardiovascular diseases. According to the Cancer research UK statistics, more than 8.2 million people died from cancer in 2012 and about 5 million people die from cancer per year.

There are lots of aspects, which cause that fearful disease: genetics, bad habits (smoking, alcoholism, drugs), sun and UV exposure, radiation and… surprisingly, air pollution! Outdoor air pollution can be the cause of lung cancer and other types of cancer.

It is not a secret that harsh air pollution is caused by a man. I am sure, everyone should start care about our planet and should not shift this responsibility to a government or to organizations, which deal with a problem of over pollution. Everything starts from ourselves! Therefore, what can an ordinary person do in order to reduce the amount of air pollution and to secure him and his family and friends from a possibility of cancer?

First of all, I think that every citizen should be as much as possible politically active and vote for introducing additional taxes and effective policies made by a government for industries which pollute the atmosphere with toxins, chemicals and smoke. Secondly, cars and trucks are the main polluters because of carbon dioxide. As for me, I ride my bike instead of a car or public transport while summer. It helps me to be in shape and to reduce (even a bit) the pollution. If there are more people with the same attitude toward this serious problem, we will clean polluted air greatly. Thirdly, I always ventilate my house after cleaning because detergents such as cleaning aerosols cause indoor air pollution and allergic reactions.

Browsing the Net, I found some eating recommendations to avoid cancer. We must avoid carcinogens, which may be on smoked or pickled foods, avoid excess sugar and alcohol. There some cancer- fighting products such as Brazil nuts, garlic, broccoli, blueberries and fish. Furthermore, I repeated it million times but again- people should workout or have at least 30- minute walks after a desk job every day.

We all have just one chance to live, so let us try to secure our health in order to prolong this life. Cancer is just one “stumbling block” among other serious diseases. If you do not care about yourself, who will?17


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