“Never Have I Ever”

To my mind, almost everyone knows a game called Never Have I Ever” or “Ten fingers” where people gather together in one circle and exchange things, which they have never done. If you have been more experienced than others in the circle, you would have drunk a glass of wine or whiskey (it depends on what your fellows and you bought before the party). Though the described game is a drinking game, alcohol might be substituted with soft drinks or juice.

This game has brought me to the idea to share with you my emotions and things which as of today have been remained unknown to me yet.

To start with, I have never drunk coffee in the morning. It is well- known that coffee stimulates us and makes cheerful after night because of caffeine content. So, I can estimate plugged coffee effect in no way. However, I order a cup of latte in Starbucks sometimes because there is almost no another choice and because I am obsessed with Starbucks’ bakery products, which I can not eat on dry rations.


To be honest, I have never had a girl or a woman as the best friend, just boys or men. I do not know why. Often it is easier for me to find a common language with the male sex, than with female. I consider men more understanding, kinder, more loyal people who are less gossip and revenge. One more thing had come to me while I was writing the previous sentence! I have never called men like “chasers” or “clucks”. I respect them.

What’s more, I have tried neither walking in the forest at night nor making a wish on a falling star. I am sure that both of these are fraught with something magical and unforgettable. As the darkness and the shadow keep something mysterious in the forests, so the light from the stars falling sets us a special way. It turns out that the light and the darkness produce the same, this is an oxymoron.


Lastly for today, NEVER HAVE I EVER eaten oysters. I guess you would ask why. First of all, these mollusks are rather expensive. Secondly, oysters and universal adoration is a match made in heaven because 50 per cent of people find them surprisingly tasty and the second half consider that this dish is not worth the money paid.


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