New Year coming

It might sound childish but my favorite holiday is New Year. As we know, people celebrate it on the 1st of January according to the Gregorian calendar. While preparing for writing this blog post, I searched the Internet and found that there are countries, where people live on the base of their traditional calendars and welcome the coming year not on the declared date. These countries are Iran, China, Korea and Islamic countries. Before searching, I knew only about the Chinese New Year, which is traditionally celebrated in the period between the 21st of January and the 20th of February. The date of celebrating depends on the position of the Moon towards our planet.

As for me, New Year is the most beautiful, the brightest and the most dreamlike holiday ever. Despite the place and the location where a person lives, despite his financial situation and how busy this person is, he is definitely trying to decorate his home. Talking about outfits, people get used to wear colourful costumes, which set our mood in a special way. Honestly, I plan my New Year make up and look long before the Coming New Year party. Sequins, tinsels, tassels, lights- and we are unconsciously immersed in a magical atmosphere where everything looks so mysterious. Furthermore, there is a great amount of shows, congratulations, songs, bright pictures and concerts related to the holiday in the media. I am sure that it also adds a “coin” to a piggy bank filled with joy and happiness. And, lastly, what could be better than New Year fireworks? Nothing!


By the way, I would like to point out that holiday treats fall to my liking, inasmuch as I am a heavy eater and a gourmet!

As a typical woman, I am keen on the wide-spread tradition to exchange presents with your close relatives and friends, or even with your neighbors. Before buying gift, I always take into account person’s preferences and tastes. Either age category or sex might be considered. Cards, souvenirs, books, scarves, cakes- presenting things, people give small parts of themselves to their close people.

I was able to notice that even if people do not celebrate New Year, they usually enthusiastically wait for the main midnight of the year in order to welcome the coming year and make an undercover wish.



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