My favorite season

To give you a better understanding of my personality, today I would like to talk to you about my favorite season. The season, which I love from eternity and beyond, is winter. To my mind, I can provide you with enormous amount of reasons why (here will be just the main two ideas). So, let us get started.

First and foremost my soulmate and I are obsessed with winter sports. We feel that snowboarding, skiing and skating are our lighthouse in the moments of darkness. My life partner and I have already been in Verbier and in Crans- Montana, Switzerland; in Kitzbühel and Innsbruck, Austria; Megève, France and in Sochi, Russia. Comparing 15 years ago and now, it was practically the same expensive to go to a skiing resort, that is why during my childhood I was skating with my dad as my grandma bought us skates. But we did this activity a lot! When I saw the first snowfalls, I was screaming with tears in my eyes: “Daddy, winter is coming, please, go skating!” He always received smile for such cases. Years passed, and now I can afford myself to buy skiing and snowboarding equipment and to go to amazing skiing resort abroad or to some local resorts. Before snowboarding I tried skiing. By the way, it greatly helps in recharging the batteries after being under the stress! Then, I started to snowboard with an instructor. Now, I can undoubtedly say that I live life to the fullest! To sum up, I persistently recommend you to try winter sports if you have not tried yet.

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Secondly, I feel like in the winter people live more naturally and “uncivilized”, let me explain why I think so. Because of the freezing cold and lots of snow everywhere, there are less cars and public transport outside, people do not use their IPhones because gadgets are not resistant to frost, after coming home we give preference to herbal warming tea then to newfangled drinks from a local supermarket, we always take a look at home thermometers because they usually show the outside temperature correctly than the Internet or a forecast on the TV. While waiting for a bus, we have not got our smartphone in the hand so we become more attentive to nature: trees, houses and roads are white and covered with snow, which is sparkling on the sun, snowflakes float and whirl while we are breathing in frosty air.

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