About me

1You know that nowadays the Internet is definitely an unavoidable part of our everyday life. There are different points of views on that. Some people find the net annoying and consider that it spoils our minds greatly. Others argue because this awesome invention helps them in very different ways, especially in expressing themselves to a countless audience without being famous and well- known. Sharing the second opinion, I have started my own blog.

Our life can not be imagined without education. Despite the age, people are constantly in a process of studying. And so am I! Let me introduce myself, I am a student on international business and management department. Frankly speaking, I am obsessed with my education process. I study different subjects, come across different people; take part in countless projects which help me to broaden my horizons towards my future profession. Furthermore, I am being taught to behave in various situations and to reach an understanding with people whose culture of communication differs from mine. Maybe, this is the point why I am so confident to find common language with people here. I hope that you will be interested in my posts. I will definitely make efforts to brighten your lonely evenings! I am just kidding, thank you, guys, for reading that!

Coming back to my childhood, I was a bookworm. My obsession started from ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and various sonnets by Shakespeare, but then I turned to scientific literature and psychology. To be honest, I read more books than I watched films or series. And, now I consider that I am always able to keep the conversation going. There is one more thing why I am here!

Despite mentioned traits of mine, I am keen on travelling and I have plenty of photos to share with you. But I will highlight my hobby on a separate post, I trust.

What can I add? No matter what I have already said, I am a typical girl. I want to love and to be loved by an awesome, smart and ambitious man. I like spending hours in shopping centers or when I am choosing an outfit. I have lots of cosmetics and there is no place in my bathroom for other one trendy shampoo. Following Instagram models, I bought a season ticket to the nearest gym. Unfortunately, I am lazy sometimes.